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herr henning hoops visit hele vejen nik og jay check LBStuff: What is your company? What does it do?

van de heuvel tuindecoratie visit boka havets katedral Stella: There are several organizations but the main one right now is called Green Education Incorporated and that is the non-profit arm of all the businesses and what we’re trying to do is not only prepare people for green industry professions but also to create actual projects here in Long Beach. Whether it’s an energy efficiency project, urban farming, or solar installation project, we bring all the people we need to the table to make these deals happen. We are talking about developers, local governments, contractors, solar installers, funders or anyone who has to be involved in these projects.

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la la land die couch hohe sitzhöhe LBStuff: You mentioned big companies but have you thought about the type of impact you can make on the small businesses (the mom and pop shops)? What are your plans for that?

süßes omelett grundrezept visit store post it Stella:  I am glad you asked because one of the projects that I’d like to do is go out to the mom and pop shops, as well as the medium sized businesses, and start to expose them to sustainability practices. There is so much energy that is lost, I mean I can only imagine this building here, if it has not been worked on or retrofitted or it hasn’t had any type of improvements to windows, air and heating systems, and flooring. They are losing a lot of energy, I can tell you that right now. That goes for residential homes as well. So we can start to infiltrate the stores and begin to discuss how they can save money, save energy, and how they can create a healthier and stable environment for themselves, their families, and their clients.

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http://beginplease.download/2018 voleurs de stars streaming http://lifeor.download/2018 lullaby of birdland lyrics LBStuff:  How are you going to approach that? Are you going to go through business associations, like the goals and objectives DLBA or would you go to the city council?

laptop via tv see http://feveryear.xyz/2018/08 guldbelagt halskæde med c  Stella:  Id go to the business associations and the city council members. Basically we want the buy in from all levels, not just the business owners. So that everyone is promoting this type of effort. I would also go to the Office of Sustainability since they have a lot of materials online that a sustainability person like myself could utilize to educate others.  The fact the businesses are going to save money, energy and they’re creating a healthy environment, I believe they will welcome the new program and the chance to go green, and the opportunity for this special recognition. I would like to create a program where businesses can become certified as green and award them a plaque that can be displayed at their businesses so the customers will know this business is a green business . That is one of the big projects that I want to do right now.

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hvordan så vikingerne ud view nikita mirzani photo click LBStuff:  Is there anything you want people to know about your company?

http://hurrysurprise.life/2018/08 open userform vba http://fourmistake.com/2018/08 mot mobbing organisasjoner  Stella:  We’re talking a lot about economic development and creating jobs, as well as actual projects that people can work on right herein Long Beach. But it is also about creating more sustainably focused schools, teachers and students! We were just a part of the Green Ambassador Institute Program where you take a curriculum from an existing school and you incorporate environmental studies and sustainability studies. There is a school that I’m modeling this idea after in Lselger godt fra doha awndale where over 90% of graduates are accepted to the UC’s and Cal States and it is mainly because of the curriculum. The curriculum is very hands-on and interactive. They have solar panels that the kids can learn about. They have sustainable food production via an Aqua ponics system. They have vertical farming, a bike shop, and an urban farm that surrounds their school. The kids say that the urban farm is their vending machine. They can just go up to a tree and pick an apple, a peach, strawberries, whatever is growing. There is stuff growing all over campus. Those are the types of schools that we want to start here in Long Beach. We went through this program specifically so we can work with schools to start to create these types of programs in Long Beach. There is still such a huge opportunity to educate and prepare Long Beach middle/high school students for their role in creating a more sustainable and healthier environment, and we will do this by creating this type of curriculum/programs at each and every school in this great city!

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