New Craft Beers – Bixby’s Brooklyn Deli

Now on tap as of November 10th 2017 Bixby’s Brooklyn Deli is offering a large lists of new craft beers! Come in today to try out their great selections of beer on tap.

Bixby’s Brooklyn Deli offers the following selection:

-Blueberry Acai Saison  7

-Timeless Pints, Lakewood 7.7%

-A Swarm and a Hatter Honey Blond Ale  6

-Timeless Pints, Lakewood 5%

-The Good Mannered Belgian Belgian Witbier  6

-Timeless Pints, Lakewood 5.4%

-Get Up Offa That Brown Brown Ale  7

-Golden Road Brewery, Los Angeles 5.5%

-Hefeweizen Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen  8

-Golden Road Brewery, Los Angeles 4.8%

-Sublime Mexican-Style Lager  6

-AleSmith Brewing, San Diego, Ca 5.2%

-Coffee Porter  8

-Smog City Brewing Co, Torrance, Ca 6%

-Little Bo Pils German Pilsener  6.50

-Smog City Brewing Co., Torrance, California 4.4%

-Breaking Bud American IPA  7

-Knee Deep Brewing Co., Auburn, California 6.5%