Burlesque Brides and Dance – Take a Seat II

As a small business owner of Burlesque Brides and Dance, Lulu Lor appreciates the support and creativity of the community.  She offers private lessons, classes, parties, workshops and entertainment in burlesque dance styles. Lulu has launched the business in 2019 but the pandemic kinda killed entertainment and dancing…  This is Lulu’s 3rd (and hopefully) last virtual production, and she is so proud of all the women (Long Beach locals) who are performing.  She has teamed up with the historic Scottish Rite center for filming and are hoping to host an in…

Is Long Beach Worth Visiting?

Long Beach is a hidden gem located just south of Los Angeles that should be added to every Southern California traveler’s bucket list. Enjoy some of Southern California’s best features like unbeatable weather, waterfront attractions, and bike-friendly roads.  So, if you are wondering, is Long Beach worth visiting? Check out some of these top attractions and find out for yourself. Check Out the Historic Queen Mary At the top of the list is none other than the historic Queen Mary, which sailed for nearly 30 years starting in the 1930s….

Farmers Markets- Where to Find Them

Have you ever driven by a Farmers Market on a Saturday morning, and thought, I wish I knew what time that Farmers Market started? Or I wish I knew if the Farmers Market  was open every Saturday, or every other Saturday? Long Beach Local is now here to help you know the time, and location of every Farmers Market in the Long Beach area. If you download our app, and go to the events calendar, you will see all local farmers markets listed. We hope this easy, convenient calendar will…