When: January 19, 2020

Where: 1 Granada Ave., next to Rosie’s Dog Beach

With 64 degrees under cloudy skies and 57-degree water, about 150 braved the first Long Beach Polar Splash in Jan. We’ll do it again on third Saturday of Jan., following the 30-Minute Beach Cleanup. The cleanup and Polar Splash will be near 1 Granada Ave., next to Rosie’s Dog Beach. Justin Rudd’s nonprofit Community Action Team (CAT) will be donating $5 to various area charities (pre-registered groups of 15 or more) for every person that participates in the 10 a.m. cleanup and then plunges into the Pacific at 10:40 a.m., up to $2,000. More details below.

Basically, on the word “go” from the organizers, the group of people will scamper into the water to submerse themselves, and then make a quick retreat.

The whole process happens within minutes or seconds. Bring your cameras to document the fun, and post your photos on social media.

For more information please visit Justin Rudd’s Website: https://www.justinrudd.com/polarsplash.html