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Stroll Through 4th Street “Retro Row”

“Retro Row” is the area of East 4th Street centered east of Cherry Avenue. This area is known for its wide variety of quirky vintage clothing and furniture stores, making it a great area to browse if you’re into the retro scene, or just are into unique stuff. 

You can grab a drink at Art du Vin wine bar, formerly a movie theater, after your stroll. Or see a movie at the Art Theater, showing both first-run and independent films, including, of course, the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Hit the Pine Avenue Pier for Sunset

The Pine Avenue Pier and the surrounding area are some of the most romantic spots in Long Beach. Get there by taking the 710 South and following the signs to Shoreline Drive. 

Spend the evening strolling around the Pine Avenue Pier area waterfront around sunset for free.  Especially around dusk, enjoy stunning views of the ocean, sky, lighthouse, boats and the Queen Mary.

Then, Check Out Pine Avenue Restaurants and Bars

Just a few blocks further up Pine Avenue from the pier is another great area to check out. There are plenty of hip restaurants and bars to choose from here. A good number of the restaurants even turn into nightclubs, with dance music blasting into the streets later in the night.

Peruse 2nd Street Belmont Shore

You can find a wide array of great casual restaurants and interesting stores along 2nd Street between Livingston and Naples island. It’s a very walkable area, located in the Belmont Shore neighborhood. 

Walk down 2nd and visit or window show at the stores after grabbing dinner. Best of all, it doesn’t matter what cuisine you’re craving – from Greek to Indian to Mexican. You’re more than likely to find what you’re looking for here!

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