As the holiday season approaches, the Musica Angelica Baroque Orchestra is set to enchant audiences with its upcoming performances titled “The Joy of Christmas.” Scheduled for the weekend of December 9th and 10th, these concerts promise to be a spectacular showcase of baroque music, celebrating European holiday musical traditions.

Concert Schedule and Venues

The first concert will take place on the evening of December 9th in Long Beach, followed by a matinee on December 10th in Los Angeles. 

These performances will feature a delightful array of baroque instruments, bringing to life the pastoral themes and instruments that are characteristic of each country’s approach to expressing the Christmas story in sound.

Limited-Time: Two-for-One Ticket Sale

In an exciting offer, Musica Angelica is presenting a limited-time two-for-one ticket sale for these concerts. This promotion, a true highlight of Black Friday sales, offers tickets at regular prices of $40, $58, and $80, allowing more people to experience the joy and grandeur of baroque music during the festive season. 

This special offer ends on November 27, so it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

A Rich Tapestry of European Holiday Music

The concert program is a rich tapestry of European holiday musical traditions. It includes pieces like:

  •  Francesco Manfredini’s “Concerto Grosso in C Major”
  • Giuseppe Sammartini’s “Concerto for Recorder in F Major”
  • Johann Adolf Hasse’s “L´augelletto in lacci stretto” from Didone abbandonata
  • Antonio Vivaldi’s “Concerto D major for Flautino” 
  • Michel Corette’s “Symphonie de Noël” 
  • J.S. Bach’s “Himmelskönig sei Willkommen”

Featured Artists

The ensemble for these performances includes renowned artists such as:

  •  Michael Oman on the recorder
  • Laurel Irene as soprano
  • Mindy Ella Chu as alto
  • Jon Lee Keenan as tenor
  • John Buffett as bass

Their collective talent promises to bring an unforgettable auditory experience to the audience.

Engaging Pre and Post-Concert Events

The December 9th concert at the Beverly O’Neill Theater in Long Beach will include a pre-concert discussion with Music Director Martin Haselböck and Guest Artist Michael Oman, hosted by Executive Director Matthew Faulkner. This engaging conversation will delve into the music showcased in “The Joy of Christmas.” 

The December 10th performance at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles will be followed by a holiday reception in the Shatto Chapel, offering a perfect opportunity to mingle and celebrate the season’s spirit.

About Musica Angelica Baroque Orchestra

Musica Angelica, now in its 31st season, is recognized as Southern California’s leading historical performance ensemble. Under the direction of the world-renowned organist Martin Haselböck, the orchestra has gained international acclaim. 

The musicians play on authentic period instruments or carefully crafted replicas, bringing unparalleled authenticity to their performances.

For those unfamiliar with the baroque genre, these concerts offer a perfect introduction to the melodies of the violin, harpsichord, lute, and recorder that define the joyful music of the baroque period in Europe. 

To purchase tickets and for more details about the concerts, visit Musica Angelica’s website or call the box office at (562) 276-0865.

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