December in Long Beach is a time of vibrant festivities, diverse cultural events, and community gatherings. Long Beach Stuff, your go-to source for all local happenings, brings you the scoop on the best events this December. 

Whether you’re a Long Beach local or just visiting, our curated list of events guarantees a memorable end to the year.

39th Belmont Shore Christmas Parade (December 2, 2023)

This is one of the biggest parades of the year in Long Beach, taking place on the first Saturday of December. Spectators can enjoy the parade along 2nd Street, which includes Santa Claus, elves, and colorful bands, costumes, floats, and surprises.

Over a dozen local marching bands, 100 entries, floats designed by Long Beach businesses and associations, and appearances by local personalities and dignitaries make this a festive and community-centered event. 

The parade route runs along East Second Street, starting from Livingston Avenue to Bayshore Avenue. The event is free and open to all ages, with no tickets or RSVP required​​.

Santa & Rudolph at Steelcraft 

This event at 3768 Long Beach Blvd offers a chance to meet Santa and Rudolph, bringing a festive and family-friendly atmosphere to the community​​.

Tamales y Mas on Toledo

This event features a celebration with tamales and other attractions, adding a cultural and culinary aspect to the December festivities in Long Beach​​.

Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour

An entertaining event for children and families, bringing a lively and educational experience​​.

Real Ones Holiday Day Party & Toy Drive at Grey LB

This event combines a holiday party with a toy drive, contributing to the community spirit of giving and celebration​​.

Italian ‘Feast of the Seven Fishes’ at Michael’s on Naples

This event offers a unique dining experience, celebrating the Italian tradition of the Feast of the Seven Fishes​​.

LBX Neighborhood Market: Christmas Edition at The Hangar Food Hall, McGowen Street

This event promises a festive market experience, perfect for holiday shopping and enjoyment​​.

Disney On Ice presents Frozen & Encanto

This event at the Long Beach Arena- Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center offers a magical experience for fans of these popular Disney movies, featuring ice skating performances​​.

These events showcase the diversity and vibrancy of Long Beach’s community spirit, offering something for everyone during the holiday season.

Make the Most of December in Long Beach

With so many events happening, December in Long Beach is not to be missed. Whether you’re seeking festive family fun, cultural experiences, or lively parties, Long Beach has it all.

For more information on these events and to discover other exciting activities happening in Long Beach, check out the Long Beach Local App.